Performing a toast with wine

Private Wine Tours

Travelers searching for a truly unique vacation can ask about our private wine tours led by our Owner and Chief Concierge, Jason Broekhuizen. Jason began his journey as a wine connoisseur in 2006, and soon his friends moved to Napa Valley.

This gave him the opportunity to explore, in depth, the wine scene in Napa and Sonoma. Now that Jason has personally visited over 100 wineries in Napa and Sonoma and has seen the sights of the area from a local’s perspective, it’s safe to say that Jason holds a wealth of knowledge and experience. He can easily adapt to touring wine lovers at any level of wine appreciation, whether they know everything there is to know about wine or they just know that they enjoy drinking it. Jason looks forward to leading tours in Northern California and getting to know people with a longtime love or recently sparked curiosity about wine.

Jason will take you to some of his favorite wineries and restaurants in Napa and Sonoma. In addition to being an excellent tour guide, Jason also provides chef services for those that are renting an AirBnb or VRBO home. Jason will guide you through a wonderful day of wine tasting and then prepare a meal at the end of that day for you at your rental home pairing with the wines you tasted throughout the day. You can sit back, relax, and be pampered all day.

A personal wine tour with Jason will give you an unmatched personal experience. It will be a private experience for you and your group of up to six people. You can ask all of the questions you have about wine tasting and winemaking without competing for attention from other tourists. Plus, inexperienced wine tasters can ask questions without feeling embarrassed. More experienced wine tasters will delight in being able to talk to Jason about their favorite flavor profiles and wine preferences.

When booking a tour with Jason, he is your driver for your entire vacation for up to 10 hours per day. Want to drive the Paciifc Coast Highway? Sit back and let Jason drive you. Need to make a hot air balloon ride early in the morning? Jason will pick you up fat your hotel or rental home and make sure you are on time. Airport pickup and dropoff, he does that too. When booking a private tour with Jason, you have his undivided attention for your entire trip, as much or as little as needed.  

Tours start at $775 and will include at least three wineries each day and a stop for you to get lunch. With up to 12 hours of driving per day included, dinner drop off and pick up is also included as time allows. Discounts are available when booking more than a 1-day tour. Days are fully customizable if you would rather do other sightseeing activities and not go wine tasting. See our pricing page for more details or contact us to get your vacation planning started.

Hear From Our Guests

"Jason planned the perfect trip for us. We were overwhelmed by the number of wineries. We didn't know where to start. Jason listened to our "wants" and put together a fabulous itinerary. We wanted exclusive, intimate experiences. He exceeded every expectation. Not only were the wineries super high end, the experiences were so intimate that at one point we found ourselves drinking wine in the backyard of one of the wine makers out of his private collection. I will use Jason for all future trips to wine country. His knowledge is exceptional." -Leigh

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